Name Game

March 7, 2010

Humboldt Economic Growth Council

Humboldt Economic Marijuana Project (HEMP

Grow Humboldt!

Keep Humboldt Green

Save Humboldt

Some are jokes but the top two are the direction we are thinking of going. Please make suggestions.


February 27, 2010

I recruited someone that is knowledgable of the non=profit world and is excited about helping. She made some great suggestions.

1. The name Humboldt Growers Guild is too casual. Maybe something like Humboldt Economic Growth Council would be better received. I think I agree with that. Considering the name change. Growers Guild does sound more like a trade group.

2. We should figure out our specific goals and strategy before bringing in too many people. That way we will be able to be clear about our objectives and not get muddled up in too many differing opinions.

3. Our overall goal is to support the development of a legal cannabis production industry that favors the small producers.  We want to prevent as much negative impact on the local economy as possible as legalization materializes.

February 21, 2010

OK, OK, Lets do this!
Couple things:
Ammiano’s Bill is dead.
The next thing coming up is a Tax and Regulate Ballot initiative in November. Nevada is also voting on a Tax and Regulate initiative this year.
The California Initiative would legalize production (state wide) up to 25 square feet. !!
That doesn’t do much.
THIS is where we should be looking for our way to benefit Humboldt County.
Higher Limits that allow for a profitable LEGAL grow BUT Low enough limits to keep the industry away from LARGE corporations.
Not too big and not too small.

While California’s Initiative will probably not pass this year, Nevada’s probably will. They will be licensing a limited number of Cannabis Retail Stores and a small number of Commercial Producers. This is what we want to avoid in California because obviously the people that will be granted these Licenses will be connected and all the business will be concentrated into only a few companies.

TAX: Whats interesting about the Nevada initiative is that the tax is $50 per ounce at the wholesale level. Being a set dollar figure and not a percentage is very good for the industry. At $50 per ounce, the pricepoints will be stabilized since a producer will probably need to get $150 – $200 per ounce in order to make a profit. These price points are obviously good for everyone.

Humboldt Growers Guild
Our mission is to work within the legalization movement in order to develop and protect the interests of a legal Humboldt Cannabis Industry.

We have recently made contact with the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project). This is the group that is writing all these laws all around the country. We NEED to get involved with them so that our interests are represented. They have expressed interest in helping us.

We are just now getting this going. We will be setting up shop and looking for funding. Already we have a prominent local donor very interested. This is a Special Interest group, and we will try and play the game as they have set the rules.


We Represent the Northern Army

February 21, 2010

I’m thinking we need a straight up special interest group.
Goal: Develop and protect a sustainable local industry based on the legal production of Cannabis.
I mean, realistically that is how things happen in this country, right? We need to raise money, and sponsor legislation, donate to campaigns. Throw our weight around! Step up! Represent!
Who will listen? Who will act?
I keep having the same conversation over and over again. “Humboldt is doomed.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Who stands to gain?
Humboldt local businesses
Grow related industry, like hydroponics shops, and manufacturers and suppliers

I’m ready to start this thing. Who is in?


February 21, 2010

I’m giving it a shot. I’ll need help. But someone has to do it.
The Humboldt Growers need to band together and represent!
Things are changing and let us not get stuck holding the turkey bag.

Recently I found myself in too many conversations about the same subject: What is going to happen to Humboldt?

Let us not stand idly by and become victims to progress.
I read this great blog tonight that finally pushed me over the edge. We need to do something.

This is an attempt. I cannot promise anything. Let’s see what happens from here.

Step one: Name picked out, gmail address secured. Blog secured. First post complete. That’s the easy part…